The Archive of Healing, Ritual, and Transformation (AHRT) will include unlimited resources for those interested in cross-cultural approaches to healing.

Watercolor of rosemary, sage, parsley, and thyme by Trish Young at

The core data of AHRT was collected by a team of researches at UCLA, working under the direction of professor emeritus, Dr. Michael Owen Jones. For over fifty years, this team culled ethnographic literature and fieldnotes to develop a compendium of healing practices from around the globe. We are making the archive available in a new site that will accept on-going submissions.

Footprints in the Aztec Codex Boturini signify movement and direction

Rather than solely an object-orientated resource for individual and collective health practices, the AHRT will also seek to provide an approach to wellness that includes bodily practices, verbal acts, and interpersonal relations. AHRT will provide an archive and the repertoires for personal and community transformation.

The Archive of Healing, Ritual, and Transformation is directed by Dr. David Shorter at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).
If you are an active health practitioner and have interest in becoming an advisory board member or subscriber to the database, please write to